Hurts Just Like Love

Myles and Mia are a young wealthy couple with two beautiful children and thriving careers.  Six months before their tenth year anniversary, his world unravels when he arrives home to find everything gone, including his wife and children.  Frantic, he searches for answers only to discover horrifying truths about the people he trusted.  As his world spirals out of control, Myles' desperate search for answers only leads to more questions and eventually an ending neither of them could have ever imagined.


Chapter 1

She’s Gone



I stood in the doorway paralyzed, and for a split second, if the key had not opened the door I might have thought I had the wrong house.  My head swiveled left to right as my eyes quickly darted back and forth across empty rooms that used to hold the contents of my home, but my mind wasn’t processing what they saw. 

What the fuck!  What the hell is going on! 

Slamming the door shut behind me, I took off running through the foyer like a madman. 

“Mia,” I called out, pausing in the middle of the living room.  The fact that she didn’t answer intensified my fear.  I ran in the direction of the library directly across from the living room and stuck my head in the French doors calling her name and praying for an answer.  When she didn’t respond this time either, I hurried to the kitchen passing the empty dining and sunroom.  I ended up in the family room off the kitchen. 


As crazy as it sounds, I honestly couldn’t remember if a conversation had taken place between Mia and me that would explain why the furniture was gone, and I got upset with myself for not being able to remember.  Confusion and fear gripped my chest like a starved pit-bull.  I headed downstairs to the basement not sure what to expect.  Surprisingly, it was still fully furnished.

Did some motherfuckers rob us?

Even though the rooms were bare, it didn’t look like the house had been broken into.  Nevertheless, I proceeded back up the stairs with caution.  My nine was in the glove compartment out in the car.  I considered going to get it and my cell phone, but I was worried my family might be in jeopardy somewhere in the house.

I dashed through the whole downstairs trying to figure out why it looked like we had moved out of our home.  What random furniture that did remain made the whole scene appear even stranger.  A few family pictures lingered on the living and dining room walls.  My worn leather recliner and ottoman sat awkwardly in the middle of the family room floor, and a desk Mia and I used solely for collecting mail and sorting bills had been moved from one side of the family room to the other.  It was bare, too.